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Welcome to Cadenza Boudoir - a luxury Boudoir studio located in downtown Davenport, Iowa. 

Why Boudoir?

You only get one wild life . . .

It's time to fall in love with yourself.

When was the last time you did something 100% for yourself? Or the last time you TRULY felt like a sexy badass? 

Life often gets the best of us. We get busy with work, paying bills, being a mom, being a wife/girlfriend, or just busy trying to keep our head above the water.

I know it sucks sometimes. You might not love how you look, or don't feel sexy, or maybe someone just dumped you for the next 'best' thing (boudoir revenge anyone?!) - But, wherever you are in life, it's never a bad time to Boudoir!

Boudoir is SO MUCH MORE than sexy pics. It's a whole experience and a way to love yourself better . . . and PROVE to yourself how beautiful you are, no matter your age or size.

No experience is necessary - I will pose you from head to toe & even have you covered with a full client closet! Cadenza clients are young professionals, moms, grandmas, recently divorced, looking for love, and all of the above. My clients are all shapes & sizes - stretch marks, scars, mom bods, WE LOVE THEM ALL!

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"Kelly knew how to maximize my beauty and minimize my insecurities.
Do the shoot!
It's an empowering experience everyone should have"


"I had SO MUCH FUN!! Ya'll have to book, it's a blast and anyone can do it! Kelly made me feel so comfortable during the whole process!" 


"...big step out of my comfort zone, but I found Kelly and she's AMAZING! Made me feel comfortable and like I was FIERCE!"


Hey there! I'm Kelly Cadenza, the one-woman show behind Cadenza Boudoir & I'm on a mission to help you love yourself unconditionally through the art of Boudoir. 

Over the years, I've managed to become the confident woman you see today, but it took a lot of work . . . because, the truth is, my life wasn't always like this. 

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