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"Yes. Boudoir is definitely "extra" and no, it's not a necessity . . .
but for many women, boudoir ends up being exactly the experience they needed to spark or heal something inside them. so, no matter what your story is or where you are at in life, it's never the wrong time to do something exciting & fun just for you!"

"You'll be nothing without me!" he said with a disgusted face . . . and all I remember thinking is . . . he has NO idea who I'm about to become.

Well . . .  HERE I AM!!!

Many years ago, I found myself in a scary new place after leaving my abusive partner. I was finally free, but my confidence was at an all-time low. I had been convinced over and over that everything was wrong with me, including multiple things about my body.  

So after I left him, guess what I did?

A Boudoir shoot.

It felt awkward as hell & I was convinced it wouldn't turn out, but when I got my photographs back, I remember thinking "Wow. Is that really me?" and it was one of the first steps I took back into my body and back into some shred of confidence. 

I will NEVER forget how that felt. It was POWERFUL.

I want to share that feeling and my "safe space" with you because you are beautiful, you are worth it, and you deserve a day all about you! 

- Kelly Rehnberg

Photo from my, (most recent), Boudoir shoot with Matt Mathews

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